Your Invitation to Drive Victoria 2018

Your Invitation to Drive Victoria 2018

A special message for all Club Members about the next major EV event in Victoria arrived in our inbox this week. We Hope you’ll all take the time to be part of a very special day.

Hi Victoria area EV owners!

Come out to DriveElectricVictoria2018! Our annual EV Ride’n’Drive! Sunday, September 9th, at UVic. Parking Lot #10 (enter off Gordon Head Road via West Campus Way)

Share your electric vehicle with local EV-curious motorists so they can discover for themselves how great EVs are.

The event will be open to the public from 10:00am to 2:00pm and our EV volunteer briefing breakfast will start at 9:00am.

Two dynamic experiences for our guests; Scenic Rides and Test Drives,
Three ways to help as a volunteer:

1.During the Scenic Rides our EV owners will drive their own cars with up to 3 event guests as passengers, from lot 10 at UVic, along Beach Drive to Oak Bay Marina and back. This is about a 25 minute return trip, or

2.During test drives we will ride along in the front seat of our car while a guest drives our vehicle one lap around Ring Road on UVic campus, or

3.Venue crew tasks will include taking care of arriving guests while others are involved in rides and drives, helping guests with registration and checking in, taking guests to their Test Drive or Scenic Ride departure area, and other ways you can help them have fun and be safe.

It’s a moving experience. There won’t be a static display of EVs on the lot, just EVs in motion, so come prepared to drive or be driven. The purpose of the event is to give as many guests as possible a dynamic experience of our EVs, from the inside.

Yours and mime. Let your car and our guests’ inner voice do all the talking. (As EV enthusiasts we all tend to talk up our cars because we love them, but the words can distract from the experience.) I invite you to let our guests fill their senses with EV advantages and form their own opinions, rather than our opinions. When they make up their own mind, they are more likely to act on it and buy their first EV. You can also use the extra quiet time to listen to how each guest reacts to your car, while you focus on keeping everyone safe.

Text me at 250 598 3100 to volunteer to help our guests get to their ride, take them on a scenic ride or let them take a test drive. Share your time and your vehicle to help us Drive Change! (please include your name, car make/year/colour, your t-shirt size and any food restrictions.)

Gerry Gaydos
Facilitator, DriveElectricVictoria2018

250 598 3100