Successful EV Coffee Chat DCFC Location

Successful EV Coffee Chat DCFC Location

Successful EV Coffee Chat DCFC Location

By Michael Baxter

Our fast charger will be installed by Emery Electric directed by and paid for by BC Hydro. The equipment has already arrived and Emery is just waiting for BC Hydro to connect the higher power supply to the existing electrical box.

The location is at the corner of Ocean Boulevard and the Old Island Highway (OIH) right next to the two level two chargers that have been there for a couple of years in the park and ride. The new fast charger will be the first one in BC to have charging connections for both CHADeMO (mostly favoured by Japanese manufacturers) and SAE J1772 duplex (mostly favoured by German and North American manufacturers). It will be highly visible for OIH and we will consider adding information to the existing signs.

So the new BMW electric car owners will finally have access to a fast charger in the Capital Region. I’m sure others will spring up over the next year as BC Hydro continues with its program.

The park and ride will lose two spots to the charger making four in total with the two existing spots. These spots are very well respected in general and we will encourage that by adding ten new spots for regular cars in the park and ride along with a sign explaining that.

I anticipate that the City will charge for each charge using the same rates as the Nanaimo charger. This is necessary to discourage overuse by residents in the immediate area and to ensure that visitors or those in great need have easy access to the fast charger.

2015-05-23 10.29.19

Mother and Daughter, proud new owners of a KIA Soil. First time ever at our Coffee Chat.

2015-05-23 10.18.38

“The Non – Duo” with Garth Edgar and Paul Monenetle entertained the public while busy choosing The right EV for their family.

2015-05-23 10.17.31

Arno Keinonen pressing his brand spanking new forrest green TESLA into service and taking many for their first TESLA ride, including LEAF owners.

2015-05-23 10.17.08

No room at the in! Four of us had to park in the street; Except Tesla, BMW i3 and KIA Soul owners. :(

2015-05-23 10.17.49

Dana’s BMW i3 was as popular as ever. Every one just loves the way the doors open allowing easy access to all the seats.

2015-05-23 10.31.47

Harold Bird your best friend it heading back to his roomy, affordable Nissan LEAF. :)

2015-05-23 11.31.41

Look at that EV smile of our youngest member Sydney Locke. Her smile will even get bigger when her Mom and Dad take delivery of their brand new TESLA next month. An other two electric car family.
Can it get any better? Yes, with solar charging it can! :)

2015-05-23 11.02.30

Rian Kelly, our guest Comedian from Ireland was very funny making jokes of the poor gas car owners.
The person’s name on the far right looking into the picture is Rolf. He has not stopped smiling since he arrived; The proud owner of 10K HES installed solar system and he is ready to charge his brand new silver TESLA. Free energy for ever! :)
Well, four billion years give or take a few. Not to worry Elon Musk will get us to an other solar system before that happens.

Below an official electric car video Rian promised us. Enjoy

2015-05-23 11.09.33

People had many questions of Jim Hindson after his presentation:
” Why people are buying electric cars and why gas prices do not matter”

2nd Eco Award 2013

A special thanks to David Grove for hosting our event. The above is a file picture of David receiving the VLC 2013 ECO award for his contribution to sustainable energy. David appeared on TV and has taken time out to show customers and visitors his EV and solar charging system. He has been one of our first VLC members. David says: “I do it because I enjoy it” David has asked us to hold future Coffee Chats from 1-3. So his regular customers will find a place to park and avoid long line ups. 11-1 is his busiest time. Our Coffee Chats have become a monthly car show with 3 TESLA’s, BMW i3, Kia Soul
Nissan LEAFs in attendance.

June2012 010

Thanks every one and we will meet again for our next ” Show and Tell” at the Ministry of the Environment on “BC Clean Air Day” Details to be posted next week.