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Clean Air Day Show and Tell 3 June 2015

Clean Air Day Show and Tell 3 June 2015

Clean Air Day Show and Tell 3 June 2015

Ministry of Environment’s Clean Air Day activities on Wednesday, June 3 from 10-1pm (2975 Jutland).

VLC’s fourth ” Clean Air Day ” Celebration at the Ministry of Environment.

VLC strongly advocates the improvement of our air quality by removing all diesel engine from our cities by 2020, replacing all existing busses with BYD or other 100% electric busses, replacing all BC government cars with fully electric ones and stop the manufacture of all gas or diesel engines by 2050.
Clean air means better health, less cancer and less of many other diseases.

Cleaner air will pay us in health cost savings, just as an electric car pays the purchaser in gas savings. The BC government has re- introduced the purchase incentive grants. $8250 off a new car with a trade in of an old one, year 2000 or older. Or $3250 off a used one with a Year 2000 trade or older. And $5000 off a new one without a trade-in.

This is a good time to buy. The Nissan dealer incentive did take off an other $3750 now has been reduced to $3500. It may well disappear after the summer.

See your favourite car Dealer: Be it a Tesla, BMW i3, KIA Souls, MiEV, esmart or a Nissan LEAF.

We also have confirmation of an attending TESLA Roadster from Salt Spring Island. Hopefully all the above may contribute to this “Clean Air Day ”

We will be giving rides to the government employees and the public.

The Ministry of Environment may as in previous years provide refreshments.

Let our children have a better tomorrow and you will get paid for doing it today! :)

See you all next Wednesday,