Coffee Chat Colwood FC Celebration

Coffee Chat Colwood FC Celebration

Coffee Chat Colwood FC Celebration

Oslo charging stations 15
David Grove’s son Tim is traveling in Europe and just sent this photo of a parking lot in Oslo! Wow.

David wanted us to share this amazing site of electric car chargers. Please send us more :)

Many thanks to the Editor Don Descoteau of the Goldstream News Gazette for publishing this event.

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23 May Saturday 11 -1
Royal Bay Bakery
3337 Metchosin Road

Coffee chat will be held to celebrate the location of a fast charger in Colwood.
Thank you former councillor Judith Cullington, City Engineer Michael Baxter for working hard to make a fast charger in Colwood to be a reality. Many of our members suggested Colwood as a DCFC location in a survey taken by Karthik Narayan, Secretariat of the Ministry of Environment and in a phone conference held with EV advocates in 2012/13.

Program Guide

11-12 Luncheon Organic Food available

Luncheon Entertainment

The Non – Duo

Blend of Folk Rock

Garth Edgar
and Paul Monetle

Our musicians have toured across the US, played in Mexico, Guatemala and across Canada.

Complete array of instruments will be played.

Second appearance of our electric car Irish comedian

Rian Kelly

Rian loves to make people laugh. He has been performing in local clubs
for many years.
Rian has found an electric car song he will play for you on our PA system.


Jim Hindson, Talk on ” Why people are buying electric cars and why gas prices do not matter”
Michael Baxter, Colwood City Engineer Talk on ” Fast Charger location and some of the background that got us there”

This will be an outdoor tent event. Bring your own folding chairs. Please use contact form if you
like to help set up the show tents.
We need all kinds of different electric cars as we will be offering test drives to the interested public at the end of our program.
Please bring your Teslas, Nissan LEAF, BMW i3, Mercedes esmarts, KIA soul and Mitsubishi Miev