President’s Statement on the 2019 EMC Conference

President’s Statement on the 2019 EMC Conference

The 10th Annual Electric Mobility Conference opens next week in Quebec City. This yearly gathering of EV clubs from across Canada will include 4 delegates from the Victoria EV Club including President James Locke, who offered the following statement on what he’s expecting…

“This year will be our 3rd attending the EMC Conference to meet with industry leaders and governments from across Canada to discuss electrification of transport.

Myself, and fellow board members Arno Keinonen and Heather Kellington will be attending on behalf of VEVC. Julian Sale, another board member, is also attending as a representative of his business so his perspective, along with Arno and Heather’s, will be very welcome.

Over the past 2 years, it has been interesting to see not only who attends these meetings but the attitudes and moods of those presenting and attending.

I have noticed government and some industry not recognizing the exponential growth and thinking more linear, so I’m hoping to see an updated thought process on that front.

My goal is to talk about infrastructure and our need for it to be accelerated, to see how the charging companies are moving forward with plans to build a business model for infrastructure and look at what other EV leaders around Canada are doing to help accelerate the change.

With the help of Wilf Steimle, a director of EMC and President of the Electric Vehicle Society, are hosting a discussion of about two dozen EV clubs from across the country to gauge how things are going from coast to coast.

As time permits I will send updates and some video of announcements.

Myself, Arno and Heather are all driving to this event 100% electric across the country so we are representing club members as best we can with both our experience and commitment to accelerating the change.”

Thank you,

James Locke