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Ioniq 5 Debuts Next Week

Ioniq 5 Debuts Next Week

After teasing EV enthusiasts for months, Hyundai will finally debut the promised completely reconceived Ioniq 5 on February 23rd.

While nobody has been told a lot about what Hyundai’s rebuild of its original electric car will look like or provide drivers, we are promised:

  • A longer range than current Kona models
  • Dual motor options
  • 4 pixel-like head and tail lights featuring hundreds of LEDs
  • Dash across screen with separate driver and passenger options
  • Interior constructed of sustainable materials
  • 220V interior and exterior plugs

Among the confirmed specs is a battery capable of using 350kW fast chargers, which will achieve a zero to 80% charge in less than 20 minutes or an emergency 90 km charge in 5 minutes. 

Price: TBA