The $100 ECO AWARD CHEQUE Program

Manfred Wissemann, founding President of the Victoria LEAF Club has received a $300 cheque from a sponsor dealer: Campus Nissan’s sales manager Mandu Goebl. This will be used to give out $100 ECO AWARD CHEQUES to any one who purchases or refers us to someone resulting in a consequent sale.  See here for details and VLC program qualifications.


We have already given out award cheques – see here.  The program has been designed to hasten the adoption of sustainable transportation and we are grateful for the support of Campus Nissan.

Mandu is the new Manager at Campus Nissan and has added many new and used electric cars to the sales lot. In fact you cannot go past Campus’s sales lot without seeing a Nissan LEAF. They are virtually everywhere and are fast displacing polluting gas or diesel cars.

Now is the time to contact our club to ensure the you get the lowest price on your EV purchase. We will also provide you with the Top Questions to Ask a Dealer before signing on the dotted line.