Electric Vehicles
Electric Cars Attract Beautiful People

Electric Cars Attract Beautiful People

Electric Cars Attract Beautiful People 


Silke Sommerfeld, “Esquimalt  Celebration of Light ” Volunteer in our test drive registration booth.

Our booth was the only one fitted out with free organic juices and a green carpet made of recycled bottles.


Karen Gibbons, of Pedego Bicycles Oak Bay at our Esquimalt event, real cool electric bikes. Check them out the 

next time you are in Oak Bay.


Almost a Tesla Model X. Certainly a nice looking car with Tesla Model X style wing doors.

It’s an antique, still has lead acid batteries in it. A surprising addition to our show event.


Lisa Locke and Jim Hindson in a fight. Look at Lisa’s body language… she looks as if she is going to wack him any moment. :)

Obviously Jim must have said his Kia Soul is a better car than her Tesla Model S. :)

I certainly would argue my Nissan LEAF is better than both cars.


You be the judge. What are all the people looking at? Yes, you guessed it: “Silke’s Tesla Model S”


Jim Hill, with proprietor of VAP drone flight school and sales. Very fine product.

They will take pictures of your home from above for a fee of course.

They also promised us a picture of our show.


Thumbs up!  Volunteers for an other very successful 100% electric car show and tell.

Manfred Wissemann, President