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Uber Goes Green

Uber Goes Green

While the BC Government and local municipalities struggle to come to grips with licensing ride-sharing services as well as their inability to reach their own emission targets, the ride-hailing service Uber is working hard to make transportation options even greener.

In early October, Uber partnered with the Dubai Taxi Association (photo above) to add 50 Tesla Model S and Model X EVs to their taxi and limousine services. This week, they added a new twist to help reduce air pollution in London, England.

By adding a small surcharge to the fees its customers pay, Uber intends to fund the purchase of 20,000 EVs for their British drivers. Through this initiative, Uber hopes to raise $260 Million at approximately 70 cents (Canadian) per fare, while creating an incentive program to encourage its own drivers to upgrade to zero-emission cars.

Sounds like a win for everybody involved.

You can read more about the plan here.