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The Pickup Truck Arrives

The Pickup Truck Arrives

British Columbia’s recently unveiled ZEV mandate set initial goal of having 10% of new light car and truck sales being zero-emission by 2025. Given that 15% of British Columbia’s new car sales in the first 9 months of 2018 were electric, that means the car side of the equation is in place well ahead of schedule. But we all know the real key to achieving a zero emission future in this province depends on electrifying pickup trucks.

And it seems that future is about to arrive.

American based manufacturer Rivian has announced that its first pickup, the R1T will begin rolling of their assembly lines in 2020.

The specs for the R1T are breathtaking.

Range: 400 Miles

Zero-60: 3 seconds

Payload: 800 Kg

Tow Capacity: 5000 Kg

Quad Motor Drive: 750 HP

Water fording depth: 1 M

Price: $69,000 (US) (pre-rebates)

Add a luxury interior and digital dashboard, not to mention the onboard plug-ins to supply electricity to power tools and the Rivian can compete with any pickup currently on the market.

Following Tesla’s lead, Rivian is taking subscription orders at $1000 (US) per vehicle here.