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Formula E Season Kicks Off on Saturday

Formula E Season Kicks Off on Saturday

If you have ever witnessed the start of a Formula One or IndyCar race, you’ll know that it’s so loud that the earth MOVES and all the oxygen being sucked into those powerful internal combustion engines literally takes your breath away.

In 2011, somebody decided to introduce the electric car to open wheel racing and race fans wondered how it could possibly compete with the sound and fury of Grand Prix competition.

But compete it has and Season Five of Formula E arrives on Saturday with nine manufacturers from around the world, including Canada’s Magna as a member of the BMW team, pitting 22 cars against each other over 13 street races in major cities from Saudi Arabia to the United States.

Saturday’s opening race inĀ Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia can be seen via Fox Sports, Facebook Live and YouTube.

It’s quieter and zero-emission but the competition is fiercer than ever.