Electric Vehicles
The Dirty Truth…

The Dirty Truth…


Since the first electric cars hit the road, they’ve been under attack by proponents of fossil fuels and the ICE industry. They’ve peppered us with myths about range anxiety and spontaneous EV combustion  as well as launching fear campaigns predicting everything from the collapse of power grids to an environmental apocalypse, that they still whisper isn’t even real in their own boardrooms.

We’ve done our share of pushing back. Just Search “Myths” around here and you’ll find weeks worth of reading material.

Other EV advocates are also countering these claims. Some like British Columbia’s Emotive (assisted by the City of Victoria, the Municipality of  Saanich and the Capital Regional District) are doing it in a very friendly way with their launch of a series of animated Public Service Announcements you can find here.

And then there’s Mark Linthicum, who just decided to go straight for the jugular.

Mark wrote and created a short animated film entitled “The Dirty Truth About Combustion Engine Vehicles”, hiring Robert Llewellyn of the popular Youtube EV Channel “Fully Charged” to both voice and debut the finished product earlier this month.

“The Dirty Truth…” doesn’t pull any punches, revealing what the Petroleum/ICE Industry Complex won’t tell you about the cars they’d rather you purchased. 

So far, three slightly different versions (one particularly kid friendly) are available through an open-source agreement on Youtube. And this week, Mark gave us his blessing to share the grand-daddy of them all with you. With one small caveat…

It seems some of the figures are already out of date. According to Mark, “One calculation in the video seems to have been done incorrectly, the amount of energy used by oil rigs should be 13,000,000,000. This, along with the fact that the new 2021 Tesla model 3 is more efficient than the 2019 version means 70,250,400 electric cars can be powered by the energy used to pump oil out of the ground in the US and offshore alone, not 19,500,000 as mentioned in the video.”

Intrigued? Wait until you see the whole thing. And don’t forget to share it with not only your friends, but your local city council, provincial MLA and Federal MP. They more than anyone need to know “The Dirty Truth…”