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VicEVA Inaugural Spring EV Count

VicEVA Inaugural Spring EV Count

On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, inspired by the City of Victoria BC’s traditional Spring Flower and Bird Counts, the Victoria Electric Vehicle Association conducted its first “Spring Electric Vehicle Count” — and the nation’s first survey of Electric Vehicles now participating in the morning commute of a major Canadian city.

 Despite the number of islanders currently working from home during the pandemic, this inaugural event tabulated 1,023 EVs driving on all access roads surrounding the City of Victoria between the hours of 6:30 and 9:00 AM.

 This number represents approximately 15% of the Electric Vehicles now registered in the Capital Region. 

 President of VicEVA, David Grove said, “This was a fun event intended to establish a new tradition in Spring Counts and a baseline of data going forward. It also raises awareness that more and more people in our community are travelling to work in the cleanest, least expensive and most efficient means available — their Electric Vehicles”.

The breakdown of the number of each vehicle make observed during the Count is as follows :

Tesla         Nissan     Hyundai      Kia       Chev     BMW       Other   TOTAL

 262           247          118             122         86         84            104      1023