Do It Yourself 8000 Watt Solar System

Do It Yourself 8000 Watt Solar System

By Manfred Wissemann, Do it yourself Solar System Installer.

First step is to make sure your proposed installation will be  facing south, near south. Mine is facing south south east and six panels are facing south south west.

Second step is to make sure your roof is sound. Remove all plumbing vents, fans, old oil furnace chimneys and any other obstacle.


Relocate essential vents and fans to the other side of the roof. This is easy to do just include it in your roof quotes. Roofers are used to doing such jobs. Get your roofer to install two ridge anchors.

Your new solar panels will be difficult to defect as they appears to be part of your roof with as much surface of your house covered as possible.

Old oil chimneys can be used to carry electrical cables to the lower floor.

Third step: Replace the roof. Make sure your new roof includes ridge venting.


Fourth step:  Order  your new solar system from HES our VLC sponsor.  This  may include a site check. System layout

and electrical and solar system plans as well as net metering registration and enlighten monitoring registration.

Fifth step: Getting a ”  Roof Top Safety Kit ” and fasten yourself as per instruction video in the Kit. You get it from your roofing


Six step: Now the fun begins.

Solar System 2014 006


Roof is ready for Solar System Layout
Roof is ready for Solar System LayoutSolar System 2014 008

To be continued.