Replacement Battery Pack

Replacement Battery Pack

By Manfred Wissemann

Replacement Battery for about $6000

Nissan’s announcement will answer a constant public question : ” How much will it cost to replace the battery pack? ”
A battery pack that will have an improved range. Thank you Nissan. Nice to know.
We can keep our car for 100 years if we want too. Keep it in the family for generations. The last car you’ll ever have to buy.
You may buy a 2011/12 car for 15000 US and drive it long enough to save the money for a new battery pack.
You will have the battery capacity of a brand new car at that.
I think, all these options should be exploited by our local car dealers. There will be thousands of new customers I can see rushing to exchange their gas cars for a car that actually pays them in gas savings every day they drive it.

Mechanics may be busy exchanging batteries and getting new cars ready for delivery. Imagine if dealers actually stopped the gas car advertising and put that effort into selling all electric cars.

This will be a win win situation for every one including the environment.

More info Green Car report

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