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Let Us Help 2011 LEAF $14,995

Let Us Help 2011 LEAF $14,995

2011 LEAF $14,995 or less.


Let Us Help 2011 LEAF $14,995

Nissan LEAFS are coming to Vancouver island from the USA.

Large US grants make used electric cars affordable to Canadians. Starting at $14,995 Canadian for a 2011/13 LEAF is a reasonable price to pay.
LEAFs are clean with many improvements, such as safety inspections performed, daytime running lights, servicing, new tires if required, complete detailing and polish.

The above car is an example of 400 US LEAFS going up for dealer only ( not accessible to the public ) auction every week. Save money in gas savings and adopt to sustainable energy. Get an EV smile :) Electric cars will do that for you.  Receive surprisingly low quotes.

Receive $3000 BC “Scrap-it” program, if you have any year car to scrap. Get upto $12,000 in grants and Scrap-It money for a new electric car.

Go to our sponsored dealers for a quote the may also offer you an electric car to test drive for a few days.

There are usually 40-60 new and used EVs to choose from in our area.


Solar Energy

Solar Charging may be your next step. Watch your Hydro meter run backwards and protect yourself against future inevitable electric utility increases. Like EVs, solar energy systems prices are coming down and are affordable for almost every home owner.

Why pay for Hydro? Why pay for gas? Free delivery of solar energy to your home for ever! :)


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