One Step Plug & Charge Arrives

One Step Plug & Charge Arrives

The days of carrying multiple cards or key-fobs and hoping a charging station will take your credit card have come to an end.

Hubject, a European collaboration between German automakers, charging-station manufacturer Siemens, and European charging network Innogy, and is now spreading to North American networks.

Both Chargepoint and Greenlots have signed on to use Hubject’s system which allows drivers to charge easily on any network as well as all available electric-car chargers in all network apps.

The technology relies on a new standard, ISO 15118, that will store drivers’ payment and account data in the car and automatically communicate it to the charging station as soon as the driver plugs in his or her car so that it can start charging in a single step. 

Your wallet just got lighter — but in a good way.