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EV Buyers Willing To Pay More

EV Buyers Willing To Pay More

You’d think the plummeting levels of new ICE car registrations in Canada combined with a 125% increase in EVs on our roads in 2018 would be enough to convince automakers of where the market is going.

For those still on the bubble, a new survey by InnovateMR about American car-buying has found that two thirds of customers would buy an electric car even if it cost more. M

The proportion among younger consumers and those with higher education levels was even higher.

“Consumers are hungry for new technology and powertrain alternatives,” said chief researcher Lisa Wilding-Brown, adding “growth trends are accelerating in certain regions of the U.S.”

80 % of 18 to 34 year-olds, 80 percent said they would prefer to buy an EV, while consumers up to age 54 still prefer an electric car by 70 percent, even if they had to pay a higher price for the vehicle. Almost half of older consumers, 48 percent, agreed.