A New President for the VEVC

A New President for the VEVC

VEVC reflects on the past, looks forward to the future


A message from Manfred Wissemann, VEVC’s First President


In 2012 I asked James Strickland, “Does Victoria have an electric vehicle club?” and his answer was, “Not that I know of.” I called for a roadtrip to the Malahat Chalet Restaurant as a challenge, as there were concerns that the Nissan LEAF may not have significant range for a round trip. This wonderful first road trip was filmed by member Jim Henshaw, writer and film maker.

At the founding meeting Fred Wissemann (President), Bruce Boland (Vice President), Dave Kenway, (Secretary-Treasurer), David Grove, Arno Keinonen, and Judith Cullington created the Victoria Leaf Club (VLC). In commemoration, a photograph taken by Arno Keinonen resides at Metchosin’s Royal Bay Bakery.

Over the years the club has established an electric presence at the Pender Island Fall Fair, the BC Government’s Clean Air Day, initiated many EV road trips, and attended these annual events:

Additionally, the club has aided our community’s education and adoption of 100% all-electric vehicles through the following:

  • successfully lobbied the BC Government for vehicle charging stations throughout the Greater Victoria Area
  • helped create a network of EV organizations across BC and Canada
  • relentlessly encouraged Campus Nissan, a local LEAF dealer, to increase their inventory of the all-electric LEAF vehicles, resulting in a Clean Energy Vehicle for BC Green Star Award for “Most EVs Sold in BC”
  • reduced EV prices by encouraging competition between dealers
  • weekly newsletters, new and historical website articles provide news and information

In March 2016, the club changed its name to the Victoria EV Club (VEVC), and became a BC registered society under the name Victoria EV Association. The VEVC is a not-for-profit society dedicated towards the adoption of 100% electric vehicles and the adoption of solar power.

Our future looks bright and the adoption of electric vehicles and sustainable energy options proceeds at an accelerating pace thanks to all of you.

January 15, 2017 VEVC Board Meeting: James Locke accepts VEVC Presidency. Clockwise around table: Lisa Locke, Jim Henshaw, David Grove, James Locke, President, Dave Kenway, Secretary-Treasurer, Manfred Wissemann, Past President. Absent: Arno Keinonen, VP

It has been a privilege and pleasure to represent you and serve as your president over the last five years. I will remain on the board and will stand for re-election as a director. I have asked James Locke to be our next president and our executive board unanimously accepted this resolution. As members, you are all invited to attend and vote at our upcoming Annual General Meeting, details to be announced. Thank you James for graciously accepting this nomination.

With heartfelt thanks and appreciation,

Manfred Wissemann, Past President, Director, VEVC

January 28, 2017



Thank you Fred, for creating a wonderful organization, for your tireless efforts towards a better future for all of us and our children. The world is a better place because of you. From all of us at the Victoria Electric Vehicle Club, our warmest and sincere thanks and respect.

Victoria EV Club’s President 2012-2017, Manfred Wissemann