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Latest SpaceX JCSAT-14 Mission Explained

Latest SpaceX JCSAT-14 Mission Explained

Hosted Webcast Explaining the JCSAT-14 Mission

Link provided by Jim Hindson, VEVC Secretary Treasurer

Video streamed live on May 5, 2016

By Manfred Wissemann

This is the full hosted webcast explaining the JCSAT-14 mission, shots of the rocket and some countdown net audio.

You may ask the question:” What has a SpaceX rocket launch got to do with electric cars? ”

I believe, Elon Musk’s SpaceX success will give us better electric cars via science and technology transferable applications. he may have the ability to position highly efficient GPS satellites into orbit, at much reduced cost, using his reusable first stage rockets.

An amazing spot landing on his drone ship by the Falcon 9 astonished the whole world.

I am sure his new Tesla Model III will likewise captivate every one in the world, lucky for those that have ordered one. I think, his 450K sold so far has shocked the other car manufacturers into panic. All of a sudden they all have 100% electric cars for sale or will have. The Volt with a tailpipe followed by a zero emission free Bolt with a 200 mile range. A Nissan LEAF to be fully autonomous by 2020, Mercedes and Ford and VW with full lines of zero emission electric cars. Kia Soul and BMW i3 are very nice electric cars as well as the MiEV and the e smart. Ford has joined the pack with their Ford Focus. Nissan LEAF of course is the world leader in electric car sales.

The race is on! The electric car with the longest range at the lowest price with the sexiest body will win the day!

We are living in exciting times, a transportation and sustainable energy revolution, a revolution unlike no other in our human history.