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Introducing Do-It Yourself Solar

Introducing Do-It Yourself Solar

Do-It Yourself Solar

Introducing Do-it Yourself Solar

Manfred Wissemann, Solar System Installation Services

I have created this service to provide an affordable solar electric installation alternative for our Victoria Electric Vehicle Club (VEVC) members to help install solar electric systems in your homes and businesses. This involves purchasing equipment from a local solar electric supplier and assisting with do-it yourself installation plans, or arranging for a complete system install by our local supplier  in Victoria, BC. This service is not part of the VEVC Association.

We can provide Net-Meter applications, system layouts, required labeling and an installation manual, potentially saving thousands of dollars by doing it yourself.

Below is some information on a recent install.

Contact Fred Wissemann, for more information or to provide a solar electric system quote.


Do-It Yourself Solar panel installs.

Just follow the bottom of your roof asphalt shingles, find a joist by tapping on the roof, insert the metal tile and mark a spot, pre-drill, fill the hole with fibre gum from tube and bolt down the rail support. The rope you see is a harness to assure roof safety.



Ground wires are no longer required as modern systems build the groundwire into the trunk cable. Special grounding washers and bonding strips are still required to ground all components.


As you can see it only takes 2 endcaps and 2 mid clamps to secure each panel after the first panel install. Plug the panel into the inverter mounted under each panel. Track the serial number of panel and its location.


Ask Ric Perron, of Perron Electric or your own  electrician to hook up the system. Ric will also provide you with a complete installed solar system quotes should you not want to do-it yourself. Your electrician will install your junction box and complete your electrical meter tie-in.


It only takes a few days and your solar may be installed. Now just watch your meter go backwards even on a cloudy day. Not so much in the winter. BC Hydro will send you a cheque once a year if you produced more than you used, depending on your solar system size. BC Hydro rate increases will not affect you for the electricity you produced. Your system is now part of your home equity. You may apply your savings to your mortgage and pay it off so much sooner or just enjoy the extra money. Now add solar charging of your electric car and your savings may be substantial adding your gas and maintenance savings.

Your children and grandchildren will thank you for caring about the environment, their future.

A donation will be made for every system sold towards VEVC’s sustainable environmental effort in order to hasten the adoption of electric vehicles and solar systems.

Contact Fred at fredwiss ‘@’ gmail.com