All-electric 450 kWh Double Decker Bus for Victoria Harbour Authority

All-electric 450 kWh Double Decker Bus for Victoria Harbour Authority

CVS All Electric Bus. Clockwise from top left: lower floor of bus, upper floor of bus, bus exterior, program for unveiling ceremony.

CVS Tours operating out of Victoria, BC has purchased an all electric double decker EV550 GreenPower bus for evaluation for next year’s cruise traffic from Ogden Point to Butchart Gardens. The 99 passenger wheelchair accessible bus is quiet, no emissions. The 12-15 year cost is on par with a diesel bus, without the deadly fumes and emissions. The 450 kWh battery capacity allows the bus to travel from Ogden Point to the Butchart Gardens a full 6 round trips before needing to recharge.

Video starting with speeches from a ceremony held at Ogden Point by
* Ian Robertson, the CEO of the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority
* Fraser Atkinson, GreenPower Motor Company Chairman
* David Anderson, adjunct University of Victoria professor, former Minister of Transport 1995-97,
and then a view of the interior – first and second floor – of the bus:

This is the direction we are heading as a society

– Fraser Atkinson, GreenPower Motor Company Chairman

Video of tour of the outside of the bus including the battery packs and the charging ports:

Both floors are equipped with futuristic lighting, WiFi, USB charging ports and stop buttons from every seat. Replacing diesel buses with electric ones is now possible, especially if cleaner modes of energy generation – solar, wind, tidal power, thermal – could be used to recharge the buses. Gliding quietly through the city on the top level of the bus, without adding pollution that is poisoning our family and future.

You need companies that are wiling to take the risk… CVS deserves a round of applause for the work they’ve done.

– David Anderson, adjunt UVic professor and former Minister of Transport

You know what I particularly like – the gas guage says EMPTY!


The EV350 electric bus is GreenPower’s flagship product. It is a 12 meter electric bus deploying the latest electric drive, battery technologies, and battery management system combined with a lightweight chassis and low floor body.

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