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Provincial Climate Action Plan – public comments

Provincial Climate Action Plan – public comments

Climate Action Plan – public comments

Prepared by Jim Hindson, VEVC secretary treasurer


To all Members:

Here is the biggest 5 minute opportunity that you may have in 2016 to make a difference.

If you believe that the electrification of the transportation sector is vital to reducing CO2 emission levels and meeting the Paris COP21 targets put forth in December 2015, you have an individual opportunity in the next few weeks to communicate this directly to the BC Government’s Climate Leadership Team. If several hundred EV owners or advocates make their individual views known, it will have a direct impact on the future of EVs and the reduction of CO2 emissions in the Province of British Columbia.

Submissions are most effective when they are in your own words — form letter responses or duplicate texts are usually considered as only one response.
In addition to your own views, you might consider some of the items that were mentioned in the open letter to Premier Clark (website version) (PDF version) that was co-signed by the Victoria EV Club.

Please consider providing your input to the BC Provincial Climate Action Plan.

Thank you.