2014 Oak Bay Electric Car Show Report

2014 Oak Bay Electric Car Show Report


EV smile coming out of Jim’s LEAF: ‘ Pearl ”

OBC2013people Oak Bay Municipal Police estimates 15,000 visitors coping with a very hot Sunday afternoon.


VLC’s water cooler saved lives.

Bryan’s beautifully polished e smart can be seen to the left of the e Bike lady. Jim & Jane’s white and green

e smart on display is equally nice. They are also proud owners of a 6K solar home.  :)


Our visitors from South Korea are not drinking coffee out of the Starbucks donated cups. :) Look closely, first lady on your right is not holding an iphone, but could not resist one of 300 pieces of organic bakeries donated by David Grove, Royal Bay Bakery Colwood. VLC Club House.

Just look to your left on the table and you are looking at Sun Country Highways best selling charger

VLC discount code is available with this LC –  25 L2 charger  . Use “contact” to request  code.


Collectors cars are on the right. Electric cars are on the left. Now look at the people. Most heads are turned left except

visitors leaving the show. Their heads are turned right. :)

This has been the most successful show in our three years of attendance. People are very aware of the electric car with very few exceptions.

And that changed from the moment the BC government and private businesses  as well as all municipalities completed the installation of L2 charging stations.

The range issue melted away when people learned they can fast charge in Nanaimo and Duncan if they want to go up there on one charge or two in the winter. :)

They did agree a plane ticked could be purchased to fly to Alberta or Toronto on gas savings.


Will our Mathew finally be able to upgrade to a LEAF, in order to accommodate his new family

Why not buy buy his esmart, nice gift to a loved one.


As promised, Jim Hill and his performers made a nice addition to our car show. Joansie is calming down their best friend. Heat is just too much. Yes, we also supplied water for our 4 legged show visitors.


Dave Eagles and Jackie of HES had their hands full explaining the concept of wireless delivery of free energy to those willing to

save some money and our planet. You have to spend a little in order to gain a lot. :} -gas + solar + electric car = savings

Ronaldo 9 trust me! Get your panels and electric car now! Put the savings in your RRSP account and you may just have a quarter of a million dollars when you retire!


Al drove his Tesla model S and his wife drove a Tesla Roadster from Salt Spring Island and as you can see the interest in TESLA is overwhelming. Keep on dreaming folks! :)


Honda Jel Sole? Our only antique entry. Thanks A Taggart! :)


Solar Charging?  Not quite enough. This silver LEAF supplied the power to a coffee maker, a coffee bean grinder, water cooler, hot plate and for a  while power to Jim Hill’s professional keyboard and PA system. ( not all at once ) Ted installed the inverter with Bruce’s assistance. Ready for an earth quake or Sunday’s heat wave. Camping would work too.


Al, blue MiEV owner and David Grove, RBB made sure not too many antique cars were sneaking behind our backs next to our electric cars. Obviously thy wanted to be seen.  Again, you can see the heads are turned on our evs. :)


See you ALL on Pender Island in two weeks. August the 23rd. First ferry.