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Yale Research Refutes the Latest Oil Industry EV Myth

Yale Research Refutes the Latest Oil Industry EV Myth

Many of you have no doubt noticed a lot of anti-EV rhetoric in the media of late. And it may seem that no matter how often EV myths are refuted, they continue to be revived frequently supported by “new research”.

Among the latest claims, is one stating that the emissions associated with mining the materials needed to make EV batteries are so huge that any claim about them being environmentally friendly is false.

Think of it as the Petroleum industry version of the “Well to Wheels” calculation of all the emissions that accumulate from the oil well through refining and delivery long before fossil fuels are burned by an ICE vehicle.

New research conducted by the Yale School of Environment and published recently in the journal Nature Communications has addressed the claim that when supply chain emissions for electric cars as well as emissions from generating electricity to power them are combined, the environmental advantages of electric vehicles disappear. 

The result of their research — “The surprising element was how much lower the emissions of electric vehicles were,” said postdoctoral associate Stephanie Weber. “The supply chain for combustion vehicles is just so dirty that electric vehicles can’t surpass them, even when you factor in indirect emissions.”

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