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When The Only Car You’ve Known Is Electric

When The Only Car You’ve Known Is Electric

You could say that all three of this week’s featured posts are great news for supporters of electric vehicles and very bad news for car dealerships hoping to sustain interest in the internal combustion engine.

When it comes to electric vehicles, it’s clear that kids “get” it. A couple of years ago, I walked the Christmas Lights parade route as the VEVC entry rolled through the streets of Victoria. And while the brightly decorated EVs (powered by their own electricity) wowed the adults, the kids they’d brought with them were almost as excited as they would get with the arrival of Santa and his reindeer.

Children of all ages knew the names of cars and told their parents which had the longest range, how they made the planet cleaner — and the one “even grandpa would love”.

EV owners with children and particularly teenagers constantly remark that their kids have no interest in the Porches, Ferraris and unlimited brands of muscle cars that we lusted after and postered on our bedroom walls. They want their first car to be an EV.

So, what will happen the day they finally turn up on a car lot to buy their first car? What will happen when the salesman offers them an ICE car? How will they deal with that?

The photograph above is from a short film from Sweden that answers all of those questions. It comes with sub-titles and I guarantee you’ll be sharing it with your children and grandchildren.

Find it here.