Victoria-Ucluelet-Tofino by Two LEAFs

Victoria-Ucluelet-Tofino by Two LEAFs

Victoria-Ucluelet-Tofino by Two LEAFs

With two LEAFs fully loaded, 3 adults and 4 children, the questions on our minds:”Will we make it and how?” I was sure we would; However, my daughter Sharon not quite so convinced.
Herald Bird agreed and came over to our house briefing us on his experiences of destination Ucluelet.
His advice: “Get a full charge in Port Alberni and you should make it”
The word “should” was not so reassuring. Off we went with some feelings of


Getting to Duncan was no problem at all. The library next to the fast charging station was a welcome site. We did not read very much before our LEAFs went back on the road.

Much the same in Nanaimo. A short walk up the road and we continued our reading at the library.
You may also try your luck at the Nanaimo Casino just across the road from the fast charger..

Parksville was the beginning of our electric car challenge. Parksville Beach has one L2.
So we had to go to the City Hall where two chargers could charge both LEAFs and finish at the same time. The kids enjoyed the Parksville Beach playground and we had a long walk on the beach.

Best to register with AddEnergie to avoid delays having to phone for charger authorization.

The Clam Bucket Restaurant with two AddEnergie chargers, across the Port Alberni canal is frequented by 82% of the area citizens. We too awarded the Restaurant a five star rating. Every one was ready for the big 101.4 Km drive to Ucluelet. According to Herald we should make it and so we did! With 27 KM to spare.:)


The above pictures were taken the following day. There is only one charger at the “Black Rock Resort”
Not two as they told us on booking. However, an extra painted green EV parking space was provided. Nice!

But not to worry as every suite has a 110v L3 at the entrance door and by the late morning a full charge and ready to go. My energy economy also had jumped to 7.0 KW/hrs.


Now it was time to rent our wet suites and surf boards. Boogy boards were free courtesy of the Pacific Sands Resort where we checked in to stay and surf.


Again we found only one charger, not two as promised and no green paint. Unacceptable!

My daughter looked curiously at a post being installed. It turned out a busy maintenance worker was
installing 3 TESLA chargers and one additional L2/240v donated by TESLA. What a surprize! We did not expect that from TESLA at such a far out location — in Canada! And on Vancouver Island! Sun Country Highways? Yes! And they did install one some time ago. And where is the BC government’s fast charger?

With our LEAFs both charging it was now time to surf! L2 & L3.



Time goes fast when you are having fun. “FAST” that is the key word for a new potential fast charger location. The place has a name: “Canoe Creek”


Perfect! This appeared to be a new BC Hydro substation and about half way between Port and Tofino, a fast charger installation there would
make a Port Alberni to Tofino road trip possible without a mandatory charging stop in Ucluelet.
Also to enable travelling at posted highway speeds.


So we had to suffer through an other day at the Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet.


All is well and we are safely home. Bc Hydro’s net metering service is returning our HES solar system supplied energy in order
to give us free fill ups by the morning. So why not plan our next EV adventure!

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What a difference 100 years make. Get your second LEAF from Campus Nissan today! Cheers