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Victoria EV Club

Victoria EV Club

Victoria EV Club

Victoria EV Club

Dear  Members,
As of the 15 October 2015,  by unanimous vote, our VLC executive board of eight members
accepted the general membership’s survey results and adopted “Victoria EV Club” as our new name.
Over 90% of those surveyed wanted a new name to include every electric vehicles.

VEVC’s secretary treasurer, Jim Hindson is completing our Constitution and we will become a registered society as soon as possible. Our club will be promoting the adoption and production of sustainable energy as well as advising in building codes and infrastructure design as it relates to electric vehicles.

Anyone may join our club regardless whether they own an EV or not. Although EV Plug-in hybrid/gas car owners are more than welcome as members, the focus of  public events held by the club will be Battery Electric Vehicles. (BEVs)

Yours Sincerely,

Manfred Wissemann,  President