VEVC Lobbying Pays Off

VEVC Lobbying Pays Off

A lot of the work the VEVC does takes place in windowless meeting rooms as we try educate or cajole various powers that be into advocating for electric vehicles.

And more and more, those activities are bearing fruit.

This week, the Union of BC Municipalities is meeting in Vancouver on a resolution asking the province to pass “Right to Charge” legislation, so Condo and MURB residents across British Columbia can no longer be denied the ability to charge electric vehicles at their own homes.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of Saanich has tabled its Climate Action Plan which includes the most comprehensive and ambitious EV support plan to be found anywhere in the country. Much of it is thanks to the efforts of Board Members Glenn Garry and David Grove, as well as member Jim Hindson.

The entire Saanich plan can be found here.