Vancouver Auto Show 2015

Vancouver Auto Show 2015

Vancouver Auto Show 2015


Electric Avenue sounds really nice, 100% electric cars truly saving money and the environment.
Four hours of careful walking through a mass of gas cars not to miss a single electric one.



An impressive site. Futuristic and maybe useful to some people. I did not see one useful family
electric Van. I was looking for the eNV200. a useful trade vehicle and family van. You wonder why Nissan would spend money on a Glider Concept, when we need pick-ups and 4X4s and family vans.



How would you like to test drive this Big Foot #20 100% electric pick-up truck. A true marvel of engineering by Dennis Berube. I think Nissan, Tesla, Kia etc could deliver us an electric pick-up truck, if Dennis can do it so can they! You would think so.

The YouTube video link shows a very useful function of Bigfoot #20.



Mercedes, yes! The great German car manufacturer. A great bike I would love to own one. However; Where are the electric family cars? esmart for “two”? People love the esmart! Show us some ecars for five or seven passengers. Please!


Ford Focus! I expected more of Fords vast car, truck
and van choices to be all electric by now. They will have some catching up to do when it comes to electric car sales. It looks like Ford is being left behind.


The Hyundai Tucson 2015 (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) Now we get the ” Tucson FuelCell” Our electric cars are getting fueled by sunshine and we are to go back to the fueling stations and pay by the litre?
Elon Musk Is Right: Hydrogen Is ‘An Incredibly Dumb’ Car Fuel
Youtube video

The Sparrow will keep you out of the rain for about $14,888. The “ElectricMeccanica” Perfect run about if you are not planing to have a partner or children. It will do 140 km on one charge and travel at speeds of 140Km. Perfect commuter car.


Here is Nissans version of much the same idea only a little fancier concept you may never see on Victoria roads. .


The i3 was at our “Royals Event” Admired by every one. Great car. Both doors open out from the center. Easy access and much more. All good! Congratulation BMW.


Kia Soul Electric is selling well Dealers just cannot get enough of them. There are no Kia eSouls for sale from the dealer lot in Victoria right now. Waiting periods are between six month to a year.


Mitsubishi Miev. Not selling very many. But they are hanging in there. The car is loved by some and …… So lets hope the next version will be loved by all.


Scrap-it display with a Nissan Leaf. Only the Nissan LEAF is available used in large numbers imports from the USA. Due to their high incentive grants. Now with the Scrap-it and $3250 refund for your old car, year 2000 and before, almost everyone can afford an electric car for about $17,000 more or less depending on the year of manufacture. The gas savings will pay for your new car over time; Why should you? Upto $12,000 off a new one with a dealer discount for the most popular electric car in the world.The Nissan Leaf!
The scrap-it rebate can only be applied through a dealer purchased car.


Tesla car is driving the future. Tesla Motors the future of electric cars. But do give us the $35,000 electric car for the masses. We are waiting Elon.



Where would we go without Sun Country Highway? Not very far. SCH chargers are every where and they are free and simple. No access cards needed! No credit cards! Just plug in and go.
Rob MacGregor, Director, Western Canada Director, Fleet Testing & Evaluation has an announcement on Fast Chargers in the near future. They also have partnered with
Tesla to install Tesla and SCH chargers at selected locations. Usually five at the time. Three TESLAs and two L2s.240v.Donated by TESLA. Rob is driving a company TESLA and promised to bring it to our VLC upcoming mega events for 2015.