Unveiling the Historic Picture at the Royal Bay Bakery

Unveiling the Historic Picture at the Royal Bay Bakery

Dear Members,

There will be an important meeting for all VEVC members on Saturday March 5, 1-3 pm at the Royal Bay Bakery. Master Baker David Grove, or David as he likes to be called, has allowed us to hang our picture inscribed with all past and present executive board members on his cafeteria wall. I will also ask him to allow us to hang up smaller pictures of other important historic events. VLC, now VEVC members have helped a great deal when it comes to the adoption of sustainable energy and we need to preserve that for history as it will inspire future generation to fight on against all odds: Koch Brothers Go To War Against Electric Cars, Elon Musk Sighs.

The results of our past activities can be seen every time you drive, seeing so many electric cars on the road. Waving and smiling, saving money and contributing to reducing CO2 pollution in the air we breathe.

The Royal Bay Bakery offers excellent tasting, organic breads, sandwiches, sweets and coffee, and we appreciate and applaud the efforts towards sustainable energy from the solar-powered EV charging station for customers’ use.  All this and the smiling friendly atmosphere is why we meet there for  our Saturday Coffee Chat Meetings.

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