The Pumps Don’t Work Cause Vandals Took The Handles

The Pumps Don’t Work Cause Vandals Took The Handles

There’s been another case of EV Charge Station vandalization on the Island.

This time the Level 2 station at Qualicum Beach was disabled. The RCMP, Chargepoint and Plugshare have been advised.

Since the Mounties clearly have better things to do, it might be up to EV drivers themselves to deal with these incidents.  And no, we’re not suggesting vigilante acts.

How about just trying this…

If you regularly charge at a station that’s either remotely located or simply not in a very public place, buy a sign like the one pictured above and put it up near the charger.  Make sure you get permission from the property owner first.

Many business owners using security signage on their properties will tell you they don’t actually have any cameras or even an alarm system. The signs alone are often enough to make those considering anti-social behavior move along.

A few may take a moment to search for cameras. But being unable to see them, they usually decide not to take a chance that they missed them.

What’s more, do a little looking around of your own when you use public chargers.

If you notice anybody who seems to be hanging around for no reason or repeatedly driving by the location, finish your charge, get in your car, lock the doors and either take their picture or snap a photo of their license plate on your phone.

It’s a public place, you’re not intruding on their privacy or doing anything illegal. But you are letting anyone with bad intent know somebody may have a record of who was where when.

Stay safe. Never be confrontational. But don’t be afraid to let people know the future is being protected.