The 10 Minute Charge Has Arrived

The 10 Minute Charge Has Arrived

While ICE manufacturers keep harping on “range anxiety” and “lengthy charging times” to scare off potential EV buyers, it appears you may soon be charging your car in the same amount of time it takes to fill-up with gas.

At this month’s Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, GBatteries demonstrated that it could charge a 60-kwh battery pack, made up of off-the-shelf lithium-ion automotive cells, to half capacity in just 5 minutes, or to a full charge in 10 minutes.

Using a technology that employs AI elements, GBatteries claims its system boosts charging speeds without accelerating degradation and rendering electric-vehicle battery packs useless.

The company’s hardware and software solution together smartly speeds up or slows down charging momentarily, depending on conditions inside the battery.