Tesla’s Million Mile Battery is Real

Tesla’s Million Mile Battery is Real

One of the most often heard, and equally most annoying, questions asked of EV drivers is, “When will you have to replace the battery?” accompanied as it always is by the implication that moment will be when saving money on gas steps up to finally bite you on the ass.

Well, new research by Tesla and Dalhousie University in Halifax indicates the new answer to “When will you have to replace the battery?” is…


In April of this year Elon Musk indicated the company was developing a battery capable of operating for one million miles (1,609,344 Km). He also suggested the new system would be available by next year.

Many assumed this was another example of Mr. Musk’s tendency to “over-promise” on technology. But now researchers at Dalhousie University in Halifax is reporting that the Million Mile Battery is both real and it works.

The breakthrough to truly long-life lithium batteries appears to be based on the precision control of cathode powder crystal structure and coatings.

Beyond that, this writer is technically out of his depth, so…

The Dalhousie report in all its technical beauty is available here. Feel free to share it with any ICE driving skeptics you encounter.