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Tesla VIP Factory Tour and Model 3 Viewing

Tesla VIP Factory Tour and Model 3 Viewing

James Locke, June 4, 2017

Yesterday my wife Lisa and I attended the invitation only Tesla VIP Tour and Model 3 event in Fremont, California. A tremendous thank you to Michael and Tammy Subasic, fellow EV enthusiasts and Tesla owners, for inviting us! If you haven’t seen M1ker’s YouTube channel check it out.

The VIP Tour & Model 3 event was excellent for meeting fellow Tesla owners and enthusiasts,  giving owners an update on the success of the referral program, allowed us all to see the current progress of the Tesla Factory, and get up close to the Model 3 alpha prototype. While there are some things I cannot discuss due to a non-disclosure agreement what I can say is Tesla is progressing nicely towards their mission statement:

To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

We have been fortunate enough to do the tour now three times and have seen the Tesla Factory progress from the Model S line, to the new Model X line and now the Model 3. While the Model 3 line is still “top secret” the Model S and X lines are full production, technologically amazing, assembly lines manufacturing beautiful, sexy, timeless vehicles desired by many and loved by all who own one. If you are a Tesla owner I highly recommend arranging a tour of the Tesla Factory, a free service offered to all owners, as it highlights how Tesla is not only revolutionizing transport but manufacturing.

Tesla Model 3 alpha prototype

The Model 3 in attendance of the event was the Alpha prototype, while it may not be the final production model it shows the general size and interior and I can tell you it continues on Tesla’s proven track record of amazing electric vehicles that are practical and comfortable. The interior’s clean lines look very sleek and timeless, no doubt it will be a huge success for Tesla.

After the tour and a wonderful lunch was a private Q&A session with Tesla Senior Design Executive, Franz von Holtzhausen. It was amazing to hear him discuss his passion for art and his personal history with Tesla, and hinted at some exciting things coming in the future. Nothing specific, however you could see it in his body language and excitement that some amazing products, yes he said products, plural, are coming from Tesla in the near future.

Andrew Batiuk, a Tesla owner from Alberta was also at the event and captured some video of the Model 3 at the Tesla Test Track.