Tesla Drops Canadian Prices On All Models

Tesla Drops Canadian Prices On All Models

While it was the “$35,000 Model 3” that garnered all the headlines yesterday, Tesla has dropped the Canadian prices on all its car models as well as altering the price structure of its self driving tiers.

The Canadian price for the base trim option of the Model 3 (taking currency differences into account) is $47,900.

Prices for the Model S and Model X are reduced by approximately 6% placing the standard range Model S at $105,300 while the Model X drops to $125,100.

The lower costs are a result of Tesla moving to an online only order system following a reduction of sales staff and the removal of the 75D option.

In restructuring the self driving tier, Tesla has set the price for “Autopilot” at $4,000 and the full self-driving option (which includes “Summon” and “Auto-Park”) at $6,600.