VEVC’s own Board Member drives Tesla from Victoria to NWT

First in the N.W.T.? Hay River man buys electric car he calls ‘polar express’ By Jimmy Thomson, CBC News Posted: Jul 14, 2016   Hay River entrepreneur James Locke says his new car is the first [Tesla] in the world with the iconic N.W.T. polar bear licence plate. “We called it the Polar Express,” he says. It may seem like a car…

10 Word Change to Accelerate EV Infrastructure

10 Word By-law Change to Accelerate EV infrastructure A Letter to BC Municipalities Jim Hindson, VEVC Board Member March 4, 2016 In order to increase the adoption rate of electric vehicles and to avoid costly retrofits to buildings and properties in the future, regulatory requirements for off street electric vehicle infrastructure are needed and are being actively sought by progressive municipalities….