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SSI EV SHOW Schedule

SSI EV SHOW Schedule

SSI EV SHOW Schedule

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SSI shedule 2015
By Jim Standen

There are many B&B’s on SSI and I would recommend checking out the Chamber of Commerce listings: http://www.saltspringtourism.com/accommodations-2/. Salt Spring Inn, Hedgerow B&B and Gatehouse B&B have recently installed Level II chargers.

For those on a “Tesla” budget, there is Hastings house, also close to theFriday evening event.

Hi All,

I have booked my room at the Harbour House Hotel. Recommend you book immediately. There are only 5 rooms left. None at the Hasting House!
Use any of the accommodations provided by Jim.

With hotels filling up fast the SSI EV show looks like it is going to be a very big success.

Thanks Jim Standen and your volunteers for all your hard work to make this show happen.

I will be emailing all our members with the hotel booking information you provided us.

See you at the Show,