South Island Municipalities Now Charging for Charging

South Island Municipalities Now Charging for Charging

As of January 4, 2021, Electric Vehicle charging fees have come into effect for all Victoria, Saanich and Oak Bay city-owned public electric vehicle chargers, including those located in Victoria’s city-owned parkades and the six new Level 2 chargers on Broad Street.
EV charging fees throughout the region will be $1 per hour and EV parking stalls will be limited to only EVs that are charging.
In the city of Victoria, the Broad Street and Johnson Street Parkade charging fees will be combined with parking fees and paid for at the Flo EV chargers using either the Flo mobile app or a prepaid Flo card. There will be no need to pay separately for parking.
These new charge rates are expected to be adopted across the South Island in the coming months and is seen as a good thing by the board of the VicEVA as such fees support the ongoing expansion of local EV charging infrastructure.