Sooke Electric Vehicle Extravaganza

Sooke Electric Vehicle Extravaganza

With the coming of Spring comes the arrival of Island Electric Car Shows and the first one up is also brand new to the local scene.

The Transition Sooke Speaker Series in partnership with Emotive and the Victoria EV Club will be presenting the premiere “Electric Vehicle Extravaganza” at Sooke’s Edward Milne Community School on Saturday March 23rd from 2:30 – 4:30 pm.

Sooke resident EV owners will provide information on costs, range and charging infrastructure as they particularly relate to those living in the Sooke region — or any other location considered a significant distance from a major urban area.

In addition to a display of the latest model electric cars, a special section of the show has been dedicated to the availability of used electric vehicles. There will also be specialty speakers as well as information on Segways and electric bikes.

Visitors to the show will have a great opportunity to learn about the advantages of “going clean” as well as experiencing the enjoyment and environmental advantages of “going the distance” in an EV.