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Success in Sidney

Success in Sidney

Marlaina Elliott, environmental officer with the City of Sidney, was left outside the car show until an extra spot was found.

Dave Kenway’s black Nissan LEAF was left out of the Show as more then expected EV’s filled up our reserved spaces. This was the biggest VLC show ever. People quickly went by other cars to make their way to our EV’s and more then ever, I felt, people were making the decision to buy.

Tesla Roadster SIdney BC

VLC exhibited an eSmart by Mercedes Benz, owned by VLC’s website developer Mathew Monast, LEAF’s by VLC Members: Tara Parkinson & Paul Weyer , Bob Walker, RBB owner David Groves, Dave Kenway, Fred Wissemann. VLC President and aTesla Roadster coming in from Vancouver, thanks to Joe Squire & his girl friend Jennifer from Sun Country Highway.

Frank, Top sales associate of Campus Nissan showed off a red LEAF. Julian and Al, Partner’s of Motorized Direct displayed a blue and red LEAF.

Two ladies insisted to donate to our VLC after sampling Royal Bay Bakery’s cookies. I declined the offer. :) We also supplied LEAF made coffee and bottled water to show staff and general public.

Marlaina asked me for an interview to be used by the City of Sidney. I made it quite clear, the electric car is better for the environment and pays you in savings.

Electric Vehicles Emergency Power Backup

EV’s emergency use in an earth quake and it’s many other advantages over gas cars.

Range was no longer the #1 question.. People realized the many charging stations everywhere will extend range.

However, the question: ” How long does it take to charge ” was asked by every one and the fast chargers up island and on the main land made the difference. I think, fast chargers removed the last barrier in the decision of people to go 100% electric.

Every VLC member and EV show participant received a VLC coffee mug in the value of a $20 donation.

On to our next great event the: Victoria LEAF Club sponsored “Royals Hockey Night”

Jim Henshaw, Event’s Coordinator, will bring you the details very soon.