Salt Spring Island EV Report

Salt Spring Island EV Report

Salt Spring Island EV Report


The day started with a QA by Julian Sale and Cam of Motorized direct. Jim Standen, sitting on the right, had to step in to stop the session go into overtime after one and one half hours of questions.
The enthusiasm of Salt Spring Islanders is amazing.
A young lady emailed the day after: ” Is it true you can buy an electric car for $15000? I thought it was 30,000. People came into our establishment today saying they can afford to eat out because they have an electric car and save so much money.” “Yes, you can!” was our answer and our reply explaining an other $3250 off for her old car on BC’s Scrap-it program.”


Nissan LEAFs as far as the eye can see. :) Everyone owning a LEAF must have been at the SSI Theatre.
Yes, they do have a theatre on SSI.


More LEAFs in the Theatre parking lot. I spotted 3 gas cars. Now that is what our future will look like everywhere. There are many TESLAs on the Island as well as eSmarts and Mievs.
In fact, there are 50 electric cars on SSI. going up every month. Our show has added 20 to our VLC membership list with 11 referrals to be emailed out to dealers.


Holding his arm up is Jim Standen SSI EV show organizer, he and his SSI team, managed to to an outstanding job to get people out. He had Three charging stations installed prior to our arrival. One just completed as we pulled in. VLC arranged a meeting with TESLA to add their chargers to the lot.


Two show cars from TESLA Vancouver. No rides though! VLC stepped up and provided TESLA rides for every one who wanted one. And they were busy. At one point they through up their arms and said: ” No more Test rides!!” There will be more rides on the 9th of August at our VLC Oak Bay Collectors Car Show.:)
Jim Hill & Joansie allowed visitors to drive their ” Pearl ” ( Nissan LEAF )


Graham KIA was well represented with two KIA SOULS. Their EVs were constantly on the move.
Graham KIA received six eSouls last week and all but two have found Soul mates.

2016 LEAF
Stock photo
Andrew Macintosh, of Campus Nissan had his fiance Maxime drive one of the two LEAFs to his booth.
Sorry, we missed to take a picture. I found a nice one doing the LEAF justice. :)
Andy was very busy showing off brand new Nissan LEAFs and was gone most of the time giving test rides.

Thank you all for coming out. You made our Salt Spring Island Event a great success towards renewable energy and sustainable transportation. Victoria EV dealer is now selling one, plus–fully electric
car (s) a day, from just a few one year ago. Our BC Government’s incentive grant, combined with the BC
Scrap-it program, deserves credit towards the adoption of electric cars in our province.