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Pipeline Petitions vs 100% Electric Cars

Pipeline Petitions vs 100% Electric Cars

I am against the pipe line, or any oil based economy. The best way to defeat oil is for every XL protester to go and buy a 100% electric car just like you have done.

Screaming hell and high water is easy. Any one can do that; But to go and put your money where your shout is will make a difference.

200 000 electric cars in Canada next year would say : Thanks, but no thanks to oil.

417_photoTo revolutionize transportation to EV’s would mean massive car sales for dealers.

The XL pipeline, or other oil based economies are being build for a future that may no longer exist by the year 2030.

Think about this: Every ICE car traded in for an EV will turn into an over supply by the year 2017 and it will be very hard for used car dealers to sell a ” Pre – owned ” gas car.

Every person I have talked too wants to buy an electric car over ice.

By 2014 you will begin to see other makes and models of electric cars.

Maybe an other Elon Musk or two.