Pender Island EV Show Success

Pender Island EV Show Success

Pender Island EV Show Success

Contagious EV smile inevitable once you drive an electric car. Pender Islanders no exception.
The concept of vanishing credit card gas bills and solar charging was good news to islanders.
It was our pleasure to introduce folks to the advantages of 21st century transportation. Our message to show visitors: “There are better things you can do with your money than buy gas. You may spend it on your children.”
Many did not know they could get $3000 for their old clunkers towards used electric cars or an additional $5000 upto a total of $8000
towards new ones from the BC government’s Scrap-it (Details) and clean energy vehicle (Details) program.

The PI Fall Fair started with a parade, led by Pender Highlanders band, starting from the local fire hall. VLC was invited to participate and received loud applause with shouts: “Look mom a LEAF!!!” Next year we will have candy with green VLC wrappers to hand out to children. :)There are also two Teslas and two esmarts on the Island.


Bruce, now an expert on LEAF supplied emergency power, made sure parents took notice of his LEAF electric car by attracting the children to a jumping castle powered by a 1500 watt inverter connected to his red 2012 Nissan LEAF. After all we are working to provide a better and cleaner future for our children. They do not know what two billion gas cars are doing to our planet yet. We understand that we must stop using fossil fuels now!
Apparently there are quite a few power outages on Pender Island and the LEAF will be able to supply emergency power to a house for about two to four days.


Susan Currie(nee Fletcher) were the guest speakers of: “The Fairest Flowers O’ The Season” Pender Island’s Fall Fair.


The Jazz band did not make an appearance this year; However there was plenty of good music to entertain us.


Dancing in a naturally green nature of Pender Island.


The day ended with a great meal. Hundreds were served.

Thanks to our VLC PI members Susan, Bruce, Gordon and David for making this year’s VLC Pender Island EV show an enjoyable success.

See You all at the Esquimalt 4th annual free show ” Esquimalt Celebration of Light”

I hope David Book from PI will join us with his PI greeting: “Hey Tom in’t it time you buy an electric car?” :)