Oak Bay Electric Car Filling Station

Oak Bay Electric Car Filling Station

Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen and council members listened carefully to our presentation on April 22. Speech below. The Mayor said that he does appreciate the work our organization is doing and they will look at the data from the charging station in two or three month.

The Mayor equated the gas stations with an EV charging station and seemed to be very proud to point out, to a packed council chamber, their EV station is the only gas station in Oak Bay.

This is the first time one can fill up a car in Oak Bay. Well, you really can not in 30 minutes. However, I think the principle concept of EV charging only in Oak Bay sets a great example for other municipalities to follow: ” EV charging only in Oak Bay ! ” I think VLC should pick up on that and attend an other council meeting to get signage posted in OAK Bay to that effect.

I am confident Oak Bay will see the benefits to their business community by allowing 3HR or unlimited charging.

As the President of the Victoria Leaf Club I am honoured to represent 40 all electric cars on southern Vancouver Island. We thank you for the opportunity today, Mayor Nils Jensen and Council Members

To address you with our concerns.

We like to congratulate you in joining other Municipalities by providing EV charging stations for shoppers, visitors and tourists. However, a 30 minute maximum charging time is of no practical use. May I suggest you follow the general standard of 3 hrs or – no charging limits as have Colwood, Saanich, the city of Sidney and all others in BC.

Oak Bay is lucky to have hundreds of free parking spaces around Municipal Hall, but only 2 public parking spaces are available for electric cars. – Why not make them exclusive and therefore practical to EV users.

Provincial funding was provided to encourage the reduction of fossil fuels, improve air quality by the full use of these charging stations.

Thank you very much.