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New Tesla Model 3 details revealed by EPA: ~80 kWh battery pack, 258 hp, and more

New Tesla Model 3 details revealed by EPA: ~80 kWh battery pack, 258 hp, and more


Fred Lambert, Electrek.co

August 7, 2017

Tesla released a lot of information about the production version of the Model 3 last month at the launch event, but the automaker also insisted on leaving out specific information about the vehicle.

We now get our first look at some of those details through the Model 3’s EPA certification.

With Model S and Model X, Tesla has been associating the energy capacity of its battery packs to the naming scheme of its vehicles. For example, a Model S with a 75 kWh battery pack is called a Model S 75.

While Tesla enthusiasts are now familiar with the scheme and energy capacity in general, the Model 3 aims to be accessible to the mass market and therefore, the company is trying to dissociate potentially confusing energy capacity terms and focus on the actual range instead.

It’s why the Model 3 is either simply offered with a standard battery pack, which is going into production later this year, or a “long range” battery pack, which is currently in production and enables 310 miles of range.

Nonetheless, for those interested in the actual energy capacity of the pack, Tesla disclosed in documents for its EPA certification (embedded below), that the long range Model 3 battery pack has a total voltage of 350 volts and a capacity of 230Ah, which results in 80,500 Wh or 80.5 kWh.

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