New Solar-powered LED Transit Shelters in Saanich

New Solar-powered LED Transit Shelters in Saanich

LED-lit transit shelter, Lucid Managment Group

New Solar-powered LED Transit Shelters in Saanich

Lisa Locke, VEVC Editor

August 13, 2016


At the corner of San Juan Ave and Tyndale Ave in Saanich, there is a BC transit stop which used to look like this:

San Juan and Tyndall before Transit stop installed
Transit stop at Tyndale Ave and San Juan Ave in Saanich, BC before transit shelter installed.

Tuesday August 9, 2016, a solar bus stop was installed – to our knowledge a first for Saanich, BC! Included are solar panels on the roof and low-wattage bright LED lighting.

San and Tyndall after transit stop installed
Transit stop after solar powered, LED lit transit shelter installed. Photos courtesy Fred Wissemann.

Some models of transit shelters include USB ports for phone charging. The contractor, Lucid Management Group of Vancouver, stated that there are about a dozen more shelters planned in the Victoria area. Great job Saanich and LMG!

LMG_LED lighting transit shelter2
Examples of solar-powered transit shelters from Lucid Management Group.
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