Need an Electrician?

Need an Electrician?

We get numerous calls from new EV owners in search of electricians experienced at installing Charging stations. Rather than showing any particular favoritism, we reached out to members and asked for the names of electricians who did their installations and did the job well.

This list will eventually move to a separate link on our website. But until then, these are the South Island electricians our members approved.

If you have an electrician to recommend or install charging stations (or solar panels) professionally, please get in touch. Our list of electricians will update regularly.

24/7 Electric

Black Box Electric

Canstar Electrical Systems

Edwards Electric

Houle Electric
(250) 544-0099

Morgan Electrical Group Ltd
(250) 386-1094

Patriot Electric Ltd.

(250) 590-3214

Sage Electric

Viridian Energy Co-op

The Victoria Electric Vehicle Club does not endorse any of the above listed electricians. Their names have been provided to us by club members who have had a very positive experience dealing with them.