Nanaimo Fast Charger Now Operational

Nanaimo Fast Charger Now Operational


The DC fast charger is located in the parkade – there is also a level 2 nearby. We used it three times this weekend – once for fun just to try, and twice to get charged up. It took about 30 minutes to go from 2 (red) bars to an 80% charge. Lots of fun watching the indicator showing the KWh being pumped in. And very useful – it took us 3.5 hours in Port Alberni to do the same amount of charging.

Seems to be free for now, but I anticipate that there will be a cost to use this in the near future – it seems set up to take Visa/MC.

FYI we got from Nanaimo to Port Alberni on an 80% charge (and then same back again), and then Nanaimo to Colwood on a 80% charge (still with two (red) bars remaining). All going highway speed or just under, gently on the hills. Forget the range anxiety and get out there!

By Judith Cullington