Mother Bear’s next Meal

Mother Bear’s next Meal

Mother Bear’s next Meal

Dry riverbeds beg the question: “Where will mother bear’s next meal be coming from?”

Photo by Manfred Wissemann

The adoption of electric transportation must be hastened in order to reverse the fast approaching consequences of climate change.
Quite a few of our VLC members are now zero emission with two evs and many solar panels on their roof
VLC members are not just talking but are a testimony to their sustainable energy advocacy.

VLC member home with 8K of solar power.
Energy net consumption data Current billing period: May 27 to Jul 24, 2015
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Net consumption to date

May 27
Yesterday Jul 24,2015
There is no Hydro bill to pay!


Rolf Oetter, Is the young man holding a VLC mug standing next to Arno.


Now Rolf literally covered almost every square food of his roof with 36 solar panels.


The largest in numbers, short of the 100 K of the Tsouke Nation.:)

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Rolf made the mistake of letting his wife drive his TESLA. :) His wife, of course, had to have a TESLA as well. A beautiful blue TESLA Model S. Come and take a ride in it at our Salt Spring Island Electric Vehicle Show next Saturday 25 July 2015.
Rolp happily stated:” I got rid of my Mercedes gas car and now I am totally free of oil and all the power I use comes from my HES solar system.

Photo by Manfred Wissemann

We must all stop the burning of fossil fuels now and may be there will be hope for all of us including the bears in our nearby forests and all the rest of our wild life.